ABC: An Introduction to BPM - CIO portál

Na portálu www.cio.com je vystaven textový soubor ( Word ), obsahující odpověďi na 13 otázek. Autory textu jsou: Mark Cooper, founder a Paul Patterson. Text byl publikován na CIO portálu 27. dubna 2007.
Název textu je:"ABC: An Introduction to Business Process Management (BPM)"
Seznam otázek, na které v textu najdete stručné odpovědi:
- What is BPM?
- Can I see a quick example?
- What does BPM provide that other enterprise applications do not?
- How does BPM fit in with legacy, ERP and other enterprise systems?
- What kinds of processes are typically the best candidates for BPM?
- It seems like everyone is selling BPM—what does the BPM vendor landscape look like?
- How is BPM related to service-oriented architecture (SOA)?
- Are there any standards being developed for BPM?
- What does BPM cost?
- What are the hidden costs?
- What is involved in implementing BPM?
- How do companies organize their BPM projects?
- Who should own a BPM initiative, business or IT?
- How do I build a business case for BPM?
- How do I measure and actually get ROI from a BPM project?
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