Business Process Visual Architect - BPVA

Rozhlížel jsem se po modelovacích nástrojích pro BPM. Mezi jinými mne zaujal produkt "Business Process Visual ARCHITECT".
Na stránce dodavatle BPVA se dočteme ( ciuji ):
"Business Process Visual ARCHITECT is a modeling tool designed for visualizing, understanding, analyzing, improving and documenting business processes, document flow and information in your
organization. BP-VA supports business process modeling with Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), Data or Document flow modeling with a traditional Data Flow Diagram (DFD), as well as Data Modeling through the requisite Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD). Our cutting edge visual modeling interface greatly reduces the modeling effort while delivering tidy documentation showing how your business is run. BP-VA also generates XML and BPEL codes that can be shared, used and executed by many applications. Its editing capabilities let you experience a real zero learning curve, making diagramming an enjoyable task and as a result, compressing your development time frame and maximizing your ROI."

Business Process Visual ARCHITECT - Modeler Edition
Key Features

1. Business process diagram
2. Overview diagram
3. Export business process diagram to BPEL
4. Team collaboration (client)
5. PDF, MS Word, HTML report generation
6. Import/export to XML and image
7. Shape Editor — design your own shapes
Podrobné informace o funkcích BPVA ( mod.ed.) najdete v PDF souboru na TÉTO adrese.