Konference věnovaná BPM, ale trochu z ruky…

Ve dnech 13. až 15. května se uskuteční velká prestižní konference věnovaná BPM. Koná se v hotelu Buena Vista Palace, Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Konference nádherná, ale trochu z ruky. Až na několik šťastlivců, většina z nás „tak nějak nebude mít nejspíš zrovna čas“ a konference se nezúčastní.
A právě pro ty z nás, kteří budeme muset osobní účast oželet, jsem připravil několik informací. Myslím, že neuškodí podívat se do programu konference a zjistit o čem bude na konferenci řeč, co se ve světě kolem BPM chystá a jak se vyvíjí přístup k BPM.
Takže uvádím:
- Úvodní text, kterým pořadatelé oslovují potenciální zájemce. Obsahuje záměr pořadatelů.
- Seznam přednášek – využijte TENTO odkaz, pokud nechcete studovat 16-ti stránkový program.
- Odkaz na brožurku ( 16 stran v PDF formátu ) s programem a všemi ostatními náležitostmi. Brožurku si můžete stáhnout jednoduše ZDE-ZDE.

Kopie úvodního textu z programu konference
As the BPM marketplace moves from early adopter to an early majority phase, there are more and more new professionals joining forces with experienced practitioners and managers to change what their organizations do and how they do it. They are starting to make a difference in business performance for thein organizations’ stakeholders. At this spring’s IIR BPM conference, which is our tenth, all groups will have an opportunity to learn from respected BPM authors and leaders, as well as collaborate with seasoned members of organizations finding and delivering new business value in a world of unprecedented pressure and risik expectations. For the newcomers the good news is that, by now, there is a set of reliable principles that provide a set of base guidelines to make BPM repeatable and trustworthy. For the veterans, the good news is that the state of BPM is ever evolving and that peer organizations are learning the subtleties of advanced approaches to continually improve the processes of process. For business and IT managers alike, the associated management of process assets is becoming a management discipline itself that the leaders can describe, demonstrate and repeat.
This event has been designed with all three groups in mind:
Collect the Dots: All of you must understand what your processes are and how they work enterprise-wide, process by process and at the implementation of
change levels.
Connect the Dots: All of you must also be able to see how the pieces fit.
Correct the Dots: You must all then try to improve on what you have discovered
The conference has been designed to bring new knowledge to every level of experience and skill. Customize your week by selecting sessions from our three key tracks:
Building a Process-Centric Enterprise
This track will trace the formulation and continuous optimization of BPM as an ongoing strategic capability within your organization. It will follow the lifecycle from
strategic intent to business context understanding to business architecture, measurement, and management, as well as governance, motivating and managing
people from the top to the bottom and across the organization chart.
Achieving Success in Process Projects
This track will break down what it takes to successfully complete both simple and complex process improvement and redesign initiatives. We will outline the
process for determining process project goals and objectives, establishing project scope, gathering and validating information, building models for analysis, design
as well as specification.
Skills for the BPM Practitioner
This track will cover essential core techniques and approaches as well as the skills to be effective. Key techniques involving interviewing, facilitation and
brainstorming will be examined as well as an analysis of tools and key success factors are a few key takeaways from this track.