Smart Draw - co nového v nové verzi

Zajímalo mne, co nového může modelování BP nabídnout SmartDraw. Zjistil jsem, že se nová verze produktu vyznačuje několika podstatnými inovacemi. Na webu firmy jsou souhrnně vyjádřeny takto:
1. Totally new functionality
2. Real, time-saving improvements
3. Dazzling new templates, and examples
Kontérně jde o tyto nové vlastnosti:
Express Charting
- Get charts and graphs without having to make a table first. Create image-based charts just like in newspapers and magazines.
Maps with Live Data
- Capture data from Google Maps for roads, regions, zip codes and countries—all as editable elements.
Built-In Photo Editing
- Crop and scale, adjust color, brightness, and more.
Learn More
- Choose from more than 1,500 professionally designed templates and examples for every type of graphic. All using brand new design themes and quick styles exclusive to SmartDraw 2008.
Learn More
- Flowcharts, Decision trees, Cause and Effect diagrams. Now they draw themselves.
Organization Charts
- New co-managers, assistants, and more.
Gantt Charts
- Fully automated with task dates and duration.
Mind Maps
- Totally automated. View as a project chart too.
Floor Plans
- Enter dimensions directly into walls and shapes.
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