BPM: The Right Way to Do It

BPM: JAK TO DĚLAT SPRÁVNĚ. Na níže uvedené adrese najdete plné znění pozoruhodného článku, publikovaného na portálu BPTrends. Autorem je Smita Sharma. V úvodu k článku se dočtete:
"IntroductionBPM is really all about managing processes, the people who are the “doers” of the process, andthe systems that help them achieve what they do. Ironically, more often than not, one tends toassociate BPM with the technology which helps manage processes better. A question of “Do youhave a BPM-enabled organization?” may result in triumphant nods and the detailing of the recentimplementation of a BPMS. However, there exists today a clear gap between the business viewof BPM and the IT view of BPM that often leads to failed BPM endeavors. BPM is a discipline thathelps an organization achieve rigor, agility, and control across enterprise wide processes. Thismay or may not be enabled by technology, but, if enabled, it makes process managementsimpler. The problem arises when BPM initiatives are driven from the IT perspective with no focuson strategic alignment, vision, and a value derivation. BPM then ends up being anotherapplication in the IT ecosystem, which is exactly what it should not be."
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