The Importance of the Business Process Model

Dalo by se říci, že je ten článek ještě "teplý" - publikován byl 5. června 2008, a stojí opravdu za pozornost! Celý název článku:
"Don't Underestimate the Importance of the Business Process Model to Your System Replacement ProjectBy". Autorem je Sandra Lusk.
Zde je pár slov z úvodu:
"The reasons to replace an existing system may be technical in nature such as upgrading the platform or notice that key software will no longer be supported by the vendor. Or, it may be due to changing business conditions and the need to respond quicker in an increasingly more dynamic market and customer demands. In these cases, the decision to replace the system is often accompanied by a mandate that there be no change to the underlying business process. The intent being that the user will perform essentially the same tasks but with a different tool. This focus on the technology could lead to the assumption that analysis and documentation of the underlying business processes need not be performed".
Shrnutí článku:
"To summarize, key considerations when doing a System Replacement project are:
- Business Process modeling is a value adding activity and should be planned for accordingly.
- Validate current state processes if they exist, create them if they don’t.
- Make sure you have the full picture by using a System Interaction model, Business Process model, Narratives and documented Business Rules.
- Involve the Business Users early.In order to support agile development, the underlying business strategy and business architecture must be well-defined and well-documented.
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