BPM Success Story

BPM Success Story: Wells Fargo Talks From BPM Summit
Po prázdninách, po dovolených a bohužel i po nemoci, se pustíme znovu do díla. Tentoktát vás 
určitě zaujme vyprávění o praktických zkušenostech, podaných kvalifikovaným uživatelem.
At Gartner's BPM Summit, it's not too hard to find a vendor that'll fill your ear with all the great things their BPM solutions will do, so it was refreshing to sit down with Gene Rawls, the Vice President of Continuous Improvement for Wells Fargo, and hear what someone from the user side has to say. Wells Fargo implemented Lombardi Teamworks, and not only have they realized actual benefits, but they measured those benefits, and it's just nice to hear a real-world example of the transformative power of BPM. Listen to or download the 3:14 podcast.
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