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"How to Use Business Process Management and Enterprise Architecture Tools to

Thrive in a Recession" (2009-05-20) - Contributed by Laura Mooney

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Economic times are tough, and the pressure to cut costs has never been greater. But don't let this pressure force you into making bad business decisions that will handicap your organization for years to come. Knowledge Center contributor Laura Mooney explains how making investments in relatively low-cost, quick-to-implement business process management and enterprise architecture tools can help you make smart cost reductions, operate more efficiently with fewer resources, and keep your business operating at an effective level.
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Going into any effort with the big picture in mind is always the best approach, and making massive cost reduction and restructuring decisions during a recession is no exception. Leveraging an EA tool

with graphical modeling and analysis capabilities helps you get a realistic grasp on the big picture and provides critical support to help you make smarter, more effective business decisions. Doing the right things now will ensure that you are well-positioned to leap

forward as a faster, more effective and more agile organization when the economy rebounds.
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