(Mnou) pozapomenutý webový zdroj věnovaný BPM

Asi bych se měl stydět za to, že jsem až dosud naprosto přehlížel zajímavý webový zdroj věnovaný BPM, kterým je www.bpm.com.
Portál se sám prezentuje těmito slovy:
„For over 5 years,
 BPM.com has been the Internet's top destination for articles, news, research and white papers on Business Process Management and workflow.  BPM is a process-centric approach to managing business operations, evolving from earlier and existing technologies and practices including business process re-engineering, workflow management, and document management.

Today with the advent of sophisticated process engines and management infrastructure, BPM is now viable enterprise-wide and one of the most exciting opportunities for business today. The entire life cycle of a business process can now be managed through BPM, creating one of the most rapidly growing market sectors for both services and technology. Never before have business and information technology converged to such a far-reaching extent. Properly implemented, BPM technology becomes part of the fabric of the corporation, the beating electronic heart of its operations.

We believe BPM will be recognized as the definitive source of sustainable competitive advantage for almost every medium to large enterprise. We also believe that how an organization implements BPM will determine the scale and nature of the potential advantage. Understanding BPM is therefore crucial to both business managers and IT managers. It is the role of BPM.com to provide news and in-depth articles about both the business and technology perspectives of business process management.“.