Dlouho očekávaná verze MS Office v podobě webové aplikace

Tech Preview of the Microsoft Office Web Applications
Dlouho očekávaná verze MS Office v podobě webové aplikace
se dostala k rukám pozvyných vybraných testerů.
Jedním z testerů je i Dan Holme, který opublikoval své
první zkušenosti na portálu "Office and SharePoint.com".

Citují úvod a jeden hodnotících odstavců článku:
"Last week, Microsoft announced the Tech Preview of the Microsoft Office Web
Applications. These long-awaited web applications are "lite" versions of Microsoft Word,
Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. The technical preview is for an invitation-only audience
and its functionality is limited, so I'd like to focus on some of what you can expect
over the coming months as the products enter broader beta and are officially released. I
also want to share an invitation to join me, live online, this week! "
"I can tell you that my experience with OWA has been impressive. Microsoft is making a
very wise move to enable consumer, small business, and enterprise use of web
applications in a way that leverages the existing knowledge and experience of the user
base. That alone will significantly reduce barriers to entry. Consumers will be able to
access OWA through Windows Live, and OWA will be made available as part of Microsoft
Online. Beyond that, let me just say that we've not yet heard the full story, as
evidenced by the “Sneak Peek” sessions at the SharePoint Conference . There's more to
tell in about four weeks!"
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